Email Etiquette - 10 Step Checklist (Infographic)

More of our daily communication is digital and our inboxes are filling up faster than ever before. Knowing the conventions of email and understanding how to avoid the pitfalls of poor communication are critical skills. Whether you are requesting a homework extension, asking for help in understanding a lesson or informing your teacher that you will be missing a class, there is a right and a wrong way to do so.

Look at these 5 screenshots - they are all fictional but based on real emails that I have received from students who I've taught. What is wrong with them and how would you improve them?

example poor email1.png
example poor email2.png
example poor email3.png
example poor email 4.png
example poor email5.png

Below, you'll find a 10 step checklist infographic, desined to take your email to the next level. This resource is a supplement to podcast episode 011 which is dedicated to this topic. You can listen by just clicking the link.

email etiquette infographic.png