6 Reasons Why Students Procrastinate (infographic)

Do you find yourself putting off your homework? Avoiding revision? Cramming because you didn’t get down to work until the night before? What causes this self-destructive behaviour? Getting an insight into why you procrastinate is the first step to breaking the spell and achieving your potential.

This infographic covers 6 of the most common reasons why students can, at times, bury their head in the sand and hope all the work will just evaporate - here's a hint - it won't!

6 reasons why students procrastinate.png

Discussion Questions

  • How often do you find yourself putting things off in your life?
  • Do you know why you procrastinate (how does it serve you)?
  • What has been the cost of procrastination to your academic and personal life so far?
  • What reasons do you have for wanting to reduce your tendency to procrastinate?
  • What conditions tend to mean you are self-motivated and get after your goals?
  • Who do you admire for their ability to get things done - what strategies do they use?
  • Could you adopt some of these same strategies?