6 Steps to Your First Mindfulness Session (Infographic)

Mindfulness has got a lot of positive press recently, and for good reason. There are all kinds of benefits from spending just a few minutes each day in stillness. Not only is it a great form of stress relief but it can do wonders for your mood, your focus in lessons and it can even help you get a better night's sleep.

So what exactly does a mindfulness session involve? Do you need any special equipment? Do you need to learn how to sit in the lotus position? It's really very simple - if you're breathing (and if you're not, you've got bigger issues to address before you learn this stuff!), you can get started today! This infographic provides a simple 6 step process so that you can experience your first mindfulness session right away.

If you'd like a downloadable PDF to print out, you can grab that here

You can listen to an episode of the podcast, dedicated to mindfulness here: Mindfulness 101

mindfulness in 6 easy steps.png

Discussion questions

  • What had you already heard about mindfulness?
  • What stereotypes are associated with meditation?
  • What are the origins of mindfulness and is it associated with one particular culture or tradition?
  • Is there any conflict between mindfulness and a person's religious convictions?
  • What might be the barriers to having a sustained mindfulness practice?
  • How might you overcome those barriers?
  • How long do you think it would take to find out if mindfulness would be worthwhile for you?