How to be a Sleep Ninja (Infographic)

How many hours of decent sleep are you getting a night? If you are typical of the students I teach, it is not enough!

Sleep if a non-negotiable element of performing to your potential in school and yet most of us (teens and teachers alike) are wandering around the corridors or slumping in our classrooms like zombies. If you can barely keep your eyes open, what chance do you have of learning efficiently?

This infographic offers 10 simple ways you can become a sleep ninja and make morning yawns a thing of the past... 

How to be a sleep ninja-4.png

Here is a link to a blog post you might find interesting on the importance of sleep and its connection to learning.

To listen to a 35-minute podcast which offers a deep dive into how you can become a sleep ninja just click here

Discussion Questions

  • How much sleep do you typically get during the school term?
  • Is it enough?
  • What are the barriers to you getting better sleep?
  • How could you overcome those barriers?
  • What are the potential benefits of improving the duration and quality of your sleep?
  • What are the likely consequences of continuing with your current sleep patterns over the long term?