ToL 021: Alcohol & Young People


As the festive season approaches, the chances are that alcohol will be flowing and we’ll be toasting the New Year and absent friends. Alcohol is here to stay and is engrained into our culture - so what does that mean for young people? How can we help them to navigate the pressure they feel to drink at parties, and how can, we as parents, manage events which we host for our sons and daughters? Do we insist on ‘dry’ events or cave in to demands and keep our fingers crossed that they will drink sensibly?

In this episode I provide a basic introduction to alcohol awareness and the kinds of issues that families might discuss to give young people the best chance of making deliberate choices, based on the best information available.


The Alcohol Education Trust have some really useful resources which you can find here.

To learn more about how long the effects of alcohol linger, after you’ve finished drinking, you should head over to Morning After here.

Talk About Alcohol is another great site with resources which are child-friendly.