ToL 003: S.U.M.1 - Dan Edwardes/Marcus Alexander

ToL003 SUM1.jpg

School Under the Microscope (SUM) is a new innovation for the ‘Tests of Life’ podcast platform. Each episode will showcase an interview with one or more thought leaders in their field who look back on their own education and consider how school did or did not prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

In this inaugural episode, I chat with two of my closest friends and huge successes in their respective fields - Dan Edwardes (CEO Parkour Generations) and Marcus Alexander (author and renaissance man).


Following the shameless self-promotion on the show, you can find links to Dan and Marcus' work using the following links:

Dan Edwardes

Parkour Generations - the world's premier Parkour Training organization

Dan's personal blog - where you'll find a wealth of movement-related resources and meditations

The Parkour & Freerunning Handbook - a great primer on the art of parkour.

Marcus Alexander

Who is Charlie Keeper - Marcus' author website where you can find out all about his writing, including the book he sent into seriously!

Keeper of the Realms Trilogy - go to Amazon today to pick up your copy!

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