ToL 022: 'Living with the Monks' - Your Life Resume & Silence

living monks.jpg

In this first episode of 2019, I read a chapter from a wonderfully thought-provoking book by Jesse Itzler called ‘Living with the Monks’ in which he narrates his decision to go on a month long retreat to overcome his addiction to his mobile phone and the frenetic pace of his life. Itzler is also a believer in the importance of having a ‘life resume’ which is something I’ve talked about previously on this site.

I also explain why there has been a hiatus in producing resources on this site and how I aim to approach ‘tests of Life’ in 2019 - enjoy!


If you’d like to pick up a copy of Jesse Itzler’s book, you can do that by following this link.

For a planner to start building your life resume, click here.