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ToL 018: Tough Skin, Tender Heart

In this episode which comes just ahead of National Anti-Bullying week, I offer my thoughts on why schools should look at bullying as an opportunity for growth rather than something we should be committed to stamping out. The rest of this week’s recording is an extract of a longer interview I conducted 18 months ago with bullying expert Brooks Gibbs.

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ToL 015: Cyberbullying & the Game of Secrets

More than half of all teens will be a victim of cyberbullying at some point growing up and yet there is so often a conspiracy of silence when it comes to reporting and discussing online bullying. In this episode I offer my thoughts on managing cyberbullying and include an interview with the cast of ‘Game of Secrets’ - an innovative devised performance piece created by 4 of our Sixth Form students.

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ToL 014: Bullying & the Bystander Effect

Bullying is an unfortunate but enduring aspect of many pupils’ school experience. In this episode, we look closely at the psychological phenomenon of ‘the bystander effect’ and what, if anything, we can do to create a culture of ‘up-standers’ instead. I draw from my two-year study of ‘everyday heroism’ and suggest four competencies which, if purposefully developed as part of the curriculum, can turn the tide and create a community founded on compassion and acceptance of difference.

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