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ToL 020: Navigating the Mock Examinations

This episode emerged from a presentation I recently gave to the pupils in my school who are preparing for their mock GCSE examinations in the new year. The focus was on how to manage their anxiety levels in the build up to the exam period, having already completed a busy and tiring term of work. The talk was wide-ranging and explored mindset, sleep hygiene, revision techniques and stress management strategies. I have reproduced it here in the hope that the message might prove useful to a wider audience.

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ToL 013: Managing the Homework Mountain

One of the biggest challenges that pupils must manage as part of their educational journey is not what happens in the classroom, but what they must carry away with them at the end of each day. Homework! In this episode we will be taking a look at the habits and strategies that pupils can use to make sure they stay on top of their work load and use homework as a launching pad for success, rather than a barrier to achieving their academic potential.

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