This part of the site has been designed specifically for educators who tutor young people as part of their professional duties.

Tutoring tends to be a relatively unexamined element of what we do in schools, but it is critical to the growth and wellbeing of our young people. If we dedicate the same time and energy to being excellent tutors as we do to our subject-specific teaching, we can have a huge impact on the young people in our care.

Here, you’ll find a whole host of resources designed to support your work. These will include:

  • Audio and video clips, promoting best practice

  • Ideas and resources for running successful tutorial activities

  • Links to other sites and materials which you can use, at your convenience as CPD.



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The audio file below provides a focused overview of the various roles and responsibilities that come with being a tutor in a 21st century school. We cover:

  • Why being a tutor is so important

  • The qualities required to be an excellent tutor

  • Different styles of tutoring

tutor tips

tutorial activities